My research investigates animals’ responses to anthropogenic changes, with a current emphasis on climate change.

I am particularly interested in using meta-analyses to reveal how phenotypic plasticity could confer resilience to climate but also how, in turn, climate change could alter plasticity. I am also keen to understand how plasticity senesces, how sexes differ in their plastic potential, the costs and limitations of plasticity, and how climate change influences biological interactions at the community and ecosystem level.

While I’m mainly using meta-analyses to address these questions, I’m also planning to use fruit flies in the laboratory to unravel more specific questions.

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Mathiron A.G.E, Pottier P, Goubault M (2019) Keep calm, we know each other: kin recognition affects aggressiveness and conflict resolution in solitary parasitoid. Animal Behaviour 151, 103-111

Mathiron A.G.E, Pottier P, Goubault M (2018) Let the most motivated win: resource value components affect contest outcome in a parasitoid wasp. Behavioral Ecology 29(5), 1088-1095


Areas of Expertise

Evolutionary ecology, Climate change, Behavioural ecology, Meta-analyses